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In Japan, it's just called AV (Adult Video). But for the rest of the world, it's called JAV.

This site is brought to you by a fan. It is strictly non-commercial in nature - there are plenty of sites out there which (for a fee) will let you purchase or download Japanese Adult movies. This is not one of those sites. Instead, this site is dedicated to the following goals:

  1. AV Idols - I got tired of searching for Bios of the JAV Idols I was watching. Here the AV Idols category will bring you the details on birthdate, height, cup size and so on, scraped together from multiple sources on the web.
  2. English and Japanese names - I was frustrated with English-language sites which never listed the actual Japanese name so I could copy/paste it when searching the web. Here, each AV Idol will be listed with both their Japanese name (in Kanji or Kana) and English name (romaji). This will help you to search the web for both English and Japanese pages (trust me, you'll find a lot more pages in Japanese!)
  3. Terminology - I'll be building a comprehensive listing of Japanese AV terminology from A-Z, again to help with your web searching. Hit up the terminology page to learn the difference between bukkake and gokkun, or paizuri and oppaifechi. At least you need to know the difference between a manko and a chinpo ;-)

As with all things adult in nature - you must be of legal age to enter! We're dealing with some serious (but legal!) porn here, and it's not for everyone. Press the "Continue" button if you're legally ok and prepared. Otherwise click "No Thanks" and go do some wholesome activities.

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